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Outdoor Camping Equipment

Have you ever hear the saying that history repeats itself? I like to think it is true. I certainly have seen this happen within my family. My grandparents traveled to the United States from Germany as young children. Their families had never met in Germany, but on the long voyage to the United States in the late eighteen hundreds they became friends. Once they registered both families traveled to the state of Minnesota. My grandfatherís family settled in the southern part of the state and my grandmotherís family settled in the central part. The two families tried to keep in touch as best they could. My grandmother and grandfather wrote letters to each other regularly. When my grandmother was seventeen and my grandfather was nineteen they announced that they were going to get married. My parents also knew each other as children.

They also wrote letters when my father was in the military and they announced their marriage when mom was twenty and dad twenty two. I first met my husband when I was seven and he was ten. His family lived in our town for a short period of time. When I was fourteen and he was seventeen they moved back into the area. He hung around with my older brother. He went into the military when he graduated from high school. I started writing to him and he answered my letters. When did not decide to get married until I was twenty five and he was twenty eight. We kept in touch through the years but had never formally dated. Once we started seeing each other we knew that we would spend our lives together. 

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We had both lived on our own for a number of years so we had all the household items. When we went to register for our wedding gifts we decided to put down outdoor camping equipment as what we wanted. We both liked traveling and we thought it would be fun to see parts of the country we had not visited yet. We thought we would be able to do this more often if we camped instead of renting hotel rooms. Neither one of us had outdoor camping equipment so we thought it would be fun to get the items as wedding presents. In anticipation of getting outdoor camping equipment for our wedding we planned a two week honeymoon in the Canadian Rockies. We were not disappointed with our choices. Our relatives and friends bought us wonderful outdoor camping equipment and the Canadian Rockies were absolutely spectacular. We are going back for our thirtieth wedding anniversary. After thirty years we still write each other love notes. I hope my daughter will find a partner that she can communicate so well with. She does have a special friend that she emails, so maybe this will be her special mate.  

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