Family Camping Tent


Family Camping Tent 

As human beings we love to reminisce about the good old days and always try to re-create those magic moments.Have you ever noticed that we are more likely to do things as adults that we were exposed to as children? This seems to hold true for a number of activities. Even if we do try new things as adults we may not be as comfortable doing them as we are doing the things that we grew up doing. For example my husband grew up in a family that hunted, fished and spent a great deal of time in the woods and on the lake. Being outdoors to him is second nature.

I grew up out in the country on a farm. We did not do a great deal of hunting but my dad did take us fishing a few times a year. Being outside was something we had to do in order to get the work done on the farm. My mother had a huge garden that we helped tend and we helped with the crops and cattle. Occasionally we would pitch a tent in the backyard, but we never did any formal camping. When we got married my husband and I began taking many camping trips. I had done some camping in college and found that I really enjoyed it. One we had our children we decided we wanted to introduce them to camping also. We went looking for a family camping tent. The one that we had just would not be comfortable for more than two people. When we camped as a couple we had noticed different family camping tents in the campsites.  

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We found a great family camping tent at one of the major sporting goods stores in our area. The tent actually had rooms that you could add on to it. When you entered the tent there was an opened space that was large enough to accommodate a folding camp style picnic table. We already had this. It folds into a suit case. It is perfect if it is raining you can set it up inside the tent. This space could also hold gear that you did not want outdoors over night. There were then two separate areas that had a tent wall in-between and a fold down flap to provide privacy for getting dressed. So the family camping tent was accurately a three room tent. There was the capability of zipping up a third wall within the front space to create a fourth room. We liked that the inside rooms had drop down walls that could be tied back or left closed rather than being zipped. Opening and closing that many zippers would have been annoying for anyone trying to sleep and also zippers with kids have a tendency to get caught or break. We are glad that we are raising our kids to enjoy the outdoors and at the same time enjoy the things that we did as children and try to bring some of those magical times back.


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